Nederland Pet Photography by kristen kidd photography

Kat + Bear Boulder Destination Pet Photography

Kat & Bear are participants of the Woman’s Best Friend Project, a project dedicated to raising funds for rescues. Woman’s best friend is also dedicated to giving women and their dogs opportunities to receive a unique photographic experience and design their own personal art to honor their bond. So far over $17,000 has been raised for rescues since the beginning of the Woman’s Best Friend Project and over 100 women have received their own photo sessions celebrating the indelible mark their four-legged BFFs have made on their hearts.

Rabbit photo session at Kristen Kidd Photography in North Wales

Philadelphia Rabbit Photo Sessions

I believe, as these photos and quotes testify, that any living creature has the power to leave an indelible mark on hearts. Every creature, whether furry or scaly, herbivore or carnivorous, great or small can show up for us in ways that humans can’t. They have filled voids, lended purpose, inspired change and healed wounds.

landscape photography

Toxic Positivity And Its Friends

Positivity becomes toxic when it denies space or access to the spectrum of emotions and experiences. The denial of our feelings is the breeding ground for self-destruction. It is an attempt to extinguish something within ourselves that is crying out to be heard. Eventually, our core being will always win that battle, whether by our surrender and release to the truth within or by our very messy nervous breakdown as the truth claws its way to the surface. We don’t get to skip feelings.