“Kristen Kidd nailed it from the moment we had our first Zoom call to begin planning a photo session with my dog, Mocha, and me. I never had photos taken professionally so I didn’t know what to expect…well, she exceeded every single expectation! Prior to my arrival, Kristen asked all the right questions so she knew what to capture in order for me to walk away with memories that would last a lifetime. The studio was everything I dreamed it would be, with multiple backgrounds and props. We used them all! I had a few special requests of images I wished to capture that defined my relationship with Mocha and she got them. Every. Single. One. She even assisted in finding an awesome stylist who was available at the last minute to do my hair. I felt like a million bucks that day. We shared laughter and tears (well, I cried lol) when all my photos came to life on the “big screen.” I am pretty sure I was seeing life size photos of myself, and coupled with lighting and music – bring on the waterworks. I didn’t need to make this review long and drawn out, but a short one liner wouldn’t have done justice. Kristen made my relationship with Mocha shine through in every way I wanted and more. You will not find a more talented, kind, patient, funny, and generous photographer. She helped make that day one of my top-rated life experiences. Thanks, Kristen!”

Woman sitting on grass with two dogs.
Tamera Cooksey - Dog Mom

“I recently had a family photo session with Kristen Kidd and not only did the photo’s turn out amazing (which I knew they would since I’ve seen her work) but I felt like in somehow she strengthened the bond between my pups and I. Not only is it captured in her incredible shots, but its been a lasting experience I get to share with them everyday. Turns out my one pup thinks he’s a super model and he was just LOVING showing Kristen his tricks, and my other dog that has NEVER given me a kiss gave his first at our shoot. Its a memory I’ll have forever, not just in my head but on canvas. I wish I would have met Kristen years ago, b/c life is short and our loved ones aren’t around forever, but her beautiful art stands the test of time and its something I will cherish forever. Thank you again Kristen, like I said before you are beyond talented and I am forever grateful our paths have crossed!”

Woman sitting on floor playing with puppy dog.
Lindsey Menzen - Dog Mom

“The most valuable part of my experience with Kristen Kidd Photography is the passion and quality that the team brings to the table. Kristen and Dave really get to know you and the goals you have for your brand. That knowledge then drives the art from that point forward. To anyone on the fence about getting their branding done at KKP I would say that their brand is sacred. It matters how it is reflected publicly and KKP will make sure that they are as passionate about getting your brand right as you are. Brands need that level of investment in order to ensure marketing is working as hard as possible.”

Garry Herbert - Mayor of Lansdale

“I’ve been a social media manager for 10 years and always advise my clients to be in front of their audience online with pictures and videos.  Yet, I didn’t follow my own advice effectively until meeting Kristen Kidd and her team.  They have made it easier for me to represent my business well by putting me in the front where I need to be with amazing photos that I’m excited to include in my social media posts.  The photoshoot was amazing, I didn’t feel rushed, hurried or uncomfortable.  Dave is laid back and makes you feel comfortable even though there is a camera in your face!  Once my photos were ready the process to review them and select my favorites was easy, fun and not hurried. Often times as business owners we can help our clients in many ways that we don’t notice we could be doing in our own business as well.  During the photo review process, Dave heard what I was saying about my business and reminded me about using those things in my own social media content.  I’m now launching a new program to help other business owners create content for their social media thanks to a reminder and an amazing photo from Dave. If your business is looking for a next-level spark and the photos that go with that, Kristen Kidd Photography is the only choice you’ll need to make.”

Jennifer Nichols - Social Media Strategist/Owner: Bloom and Hustle

“My experience with Kristen Kidd Photography wasn’t just a photoshoot. From Kristen’s interview with me to learn more about my work and values to viewing the unforgettable images, the experience was extraordinary and packed with fun! It felt like a dear friend threw me a surprise party to celebrate me and my accomplishments. The end result—images that remarkably captured my essence. My experience with Kristen Kidd Photography wasn’t just a photoshoot. From Kristen’s interview with me to learn more about my work and values to viewing the unforgettable images, the experience was extraordinary and packed with fun! It felt like a dear friend threw me a surprise party to celebrate me and my accomplishments. The end result—images that remarkably captured my essence.”

Rhashidah Perry-Jones - Vice President Chief Communications Officer of SELF

“I recently chose KKP to up the game of my newly launched business Off The Leash Dog Truck.  I was amazed at the amount of time Kristen took with me to understand who I was, what my vision for the business was.  This was before a picture ever was snapped. Once we arrived at photo day once again the amount of time taken and attention to detail was first class.  I was offered coffee and a snack as I got my makeup done.  I felt like a star!  My family was also involved in the shoot and we all were relaxed and had a fun time.  She also found an amazing location we used.  She is just so thorough and creative! For anyone thinking about taking the leap, it’s worth it!  I have had customers comment on the beauty of my photos, Kristen and Dave came up with creative themes to weave in and honestly it achieved goal of “upping my brand and game”!!!”

jill schadler
Jill Schadler - Owner Off The Leash Treat Truck

“I worked with Kristen Kidd Photography to update my professional photos as part of maintaining my personal brand in the entertainment industry. The overall experience was terrific and the end results–the photographs–far exceeded my expectations. What I liked best about the experience was that, from my first encounter, KKP was proactive in suggesting location, themes, specific imagery, poses, facial expressions, etc.  All I really had to do was show up and follow their plan.  If you find yourself considering a “do it yourself” approach to branding photography, and on the fence to spending the money to hire a professional, I strongly encourage you to meet with KKP.  You will wind up hiring them and I know that you will thank me for the advice later.”

John Wollman - Actor, Producer, Philanthropist and Martial Arts Instructor

“I’m so pleased with our photos! They look amazing and there is a photo for everything we need on our website & social media. The entire experience was wonderful from the initial phone interview to the final reveal.”

Darla Pompilio - Owner of Your Task Our Time

“I have to admit I was nervous to see what my photos would look like because, as many feel, I don’t feel very photogenic. However, when I got to see [Dave’s] work come to life, it was life changing. I felt like a supermodel, and a badass working mom!  The true definition of woman empowerment comes to life when I look at my photos and new head shots.”

Cindy Seaner - Mortgage Advisor