man and dog at their hatboro photo session

Hatboro Pet Photo Session

Before Eric & Dakota’s Hatboro Pet Photo Session began, I sat across from Eric at his dining room table. Dakota sat by him, just in arms reach. The walls and shelves that surround us in neighboring rooms were decorated with World War Two era photos of a family members that served in the military. His own…

Community Events In Our North Wales Studio

Here at Kristen Kidd Photography we believe in making a difference in our local and global community. We also believe that making a difference can be fun and engaging. That’s why we want to invite you to join us for this season’s upcoming events. This fall grab a friend and head to the studio.
Each event is free of cost and will feature ways to make your world a better place.
You’ll find creative ways to get involved in your greater community.

Hurricane Sandy: No Rest In Peace One of the tombstones read, “At the end of the night, there is light.” I found myself really hoping that was true as the days without power drag on. Yet, blessings really have to be tallied in times like these. I haven’t truly lost anything other than power and…