“I recently had a family photo session with Kristen Kidd and not only did the photo’s turn out amazing (which I knew they would since I’ve seen her work) but I felt like in somehow she strengthened the bond between my pups and I. Not only is it captured in her incredible shots, but its been a lasting experience I get to share with them everyday. Turns out my one pup thinks he’s a super model and he was just LOVING showing Kristen his tricks, and my other dog that has NEVER given me a kiss gave his first at our shoot. Its a memory I’ll have forever, not just in my head but on canvas. I wish I would have met Kristen years ago, b/c life is short and our loved ones aren’t around forever, but her beautiful art stands the test of time and its something I will cherish forever. Thank you again Kristen, like I said before you are beyond talented and I am forever grateful our paths have crossed!”