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Live Life Lux Events: Rosebridge Farm & Sanctuary, Montgomery County, PA

Explore the transformative power of joy and fun in this thought-provoking article. Unravel the differences between happiness and joy, backed by scientific evidence, and learn how cultivating fun boosts health. Also, gain insights from a professional photographer’s lens on how memorable experiences like family or boudoir photography sessions can be powerful expressions of joy.

Being Present & Connecting Deeply

“Joy is now, a choice and a creation.”
This month we’re exploring the third tenant of Live Life Lux; being present and connecting deeply to this one precious life. Like all things worthy of our time and energy, presence and connection are a practice. We don’t master it instantly, or maybe ever, but there is joy in becoming. We use intention to create space and time to connect what matters most to us.

Nederland Pet Photography by kristen kidd photography

Kat + Bear Boulder Destination Pet Photography

Kat & Bear are participants of the Woman’s Best Friend Project, a project dedicated to raising funds for rescues. Woman’s best friend is also dedicated to giving women and their dogs opportunities to receive a unique photographic experience and design their own personal art to honor their bond. So far over $17,000 has been raised for rescues since the beginning of the Woman’s Best Friend Project and over 100 women have received their own photo sessions celebrating the indelible mark their four-legged BFFs have made on their hearts.

Rabbit photo session at Kristen Kidd Photography in North Wales

Philadelphia Rabbit Photo Sessions

I believe, as these photos and quotes testify, that any living creature has the power to leave an indelible mark on hearts. Every creature, whether furry or scaly, herbivore or carnivorous, great or small can show up for us in ways that humans can’t. They have filled voids, lended purpose, inspired change and healed wounds.

pet photographer

Woman’s Best Friend

Woman’s Best Friend Project (WBF) is the coffee table book created by Kristen Kidd Photography raising funds for rescues. Currently there are two volumes of the book. Volume one released in 2019 and raised over $7,000 for Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue.  Volume Two released fall of 2020 and raised over $10,000 for Brandywine Valley SPCA…

man and dog at their hatboro photo session

Hatboro Pet Photo Session

Before Eric & Dakota’s Hatboro Pet Photo Session began, I sat across from Eric at his dining room table. Dakota sat by him, just in arms reach. The walls and shelves that surround us in neighboring rooms were decorated with World War Two era photos of a family members that served in the military. His own…